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Hello my lovelies, my name is Lea! Thank you for visiting my blog of randomness. I am originally from Orlando, FL, but now currently residing in Raleigh, NC. I've worked for the Disney Company for about 3 years, but now I am just trying to find a career that suits my likes and talents. I love everything involving Disney, Marvel (gotta love those men in tight spandex!), the Weasley/Phelps Twins, Glee, Coffee, Art, Music, Cartoons and Happiness :)
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    Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

    23 July 1989

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  • Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe.  (July 23, 1989)

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    Phwoar, they are sex gods!

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    what if you marry one of the phelps and the other has kids then your nephew goes up to you and like

    "I don’t know whether my uncle is actually my dad or my dad is actually my uncle help me lea"

    Oh man. I’d probably be all “your guess is as good as mine kid.” Cuz if James and Oliver kiss the exact same way, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart….

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  • gatoradeisspiffy asked : I have an imagine request :) It's christmas break and Harry, Ron and Hermione [who are staying at the burrows] go to Diagon Alley for christmas shopping. Hermione brings her cousin [the reader; who goes to the Salem Witches' Institute in America] with her to show her the area, who is thinking about transferring to Hogwarts. The four go into WWW and the twins spot the reader through the crazy crowd of shoppers and its love at first site! If this is too specific or crazy, let me know :)


    This is too crazy. THERE I SAID IT.
    But I’m too bored to ignore you.
    — — — — —
    (Y/N)’s POV (Harry’s 6th year, your 7th year at Salem)

    "Where to next, Hermione?" I say, peering around. This Hogsmeade village is very cool. It’s a lot better than America, I miss Britain. Well, after all, I’m British, but my parents wanted to move to America for a better life. Of course, I was accepted to Salem because I moved before my 11th birthday.

    Because of what’s going on everywhere with You-Know-Who in every school, Hermione and I had to erase their memories. Now our parents live in Australia as best friends. That’s the main reason I visited her for the holidays. “I really miss Britain, I think I’m going to transfer.”

    "You can’t transfer in the middle, (Y/N)," Ron shivered as the snow blew harder with every snow-filled footstep. "But, knowing Dumbledore, he’d allow it."

    "Don’t be rude, Ronald!" Hermione’s teeth chattered. "I think we should visit Ron’s brother’s shop, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. It’s quite amazing."

    Amazing? More gingers? I mean, I met Percy and I didn’t like him, Charlie and Bill weren’t around, Ginny’s really nice, and Ron’s quite adorable. Though I’d leave him for Hermione because I ship them! Ugh, all the stuff in America’s changed me!

    I fluffed my hair out of the snow, and the four of us sat on the porch outside of their shop. I didn’t spot them, but I sure would know who they were once I got in! After dusting all the damn snow out of our clothes, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and I walked inside.

    "Fred and George are going to like her," Ron whispered to Hermione, just so she could hear. Damn, I wish I could hear what he was saying! "Just a year below."

    Hermione hissed something back, but fixed my hair all curly and adjusted my beanie. Now that I think about it, the beanie I’m wearing belonged to one of the twins. That sneaky Ron! He must’ve volunteered that hat! It was quite warm, though.

    "Ron! Harry! Hermione!" A tall and handsome redhead hugged the three, leaving me awkwardly standing here next to him. "Who’s this little flower you’ve brought along?"

    "(Y/N). Granger. I’m Hermione’s cousin from Salem." I shake his hand, which makes me have feeeellllsss (dammit, America!). "And I presume you’re one of the twins."

    "So this is (Y/N)! More beautiful now than I saw I her picture!" The hot ginger gives me a hug and introduces himself. "I’m Fred, Ron’s older twin brother. George is over there. Oi! GEORGIE! SHE’S HERE TO MEET US!" He shouts. The other red-haired hottie runs over.

    "Hermione, that picture must’ve been outdated. (Y/N) looks like a model in person! I’m George." George takes his turn hugging me. "And you’re hot."

    Ron and Harry laugh under their mittens, and Hermione grabs my shoulder.

    "Ahem, I took her here to MEET YOU. Not for you to go all over her! You two have Angelina, plus (Y/N)’s a year younger than you." Hermione says strictly. After months of not seeing Hermione, she’s a lot worse than I thought. I love her, but eek! "Right, (Y/N)?!"

    "Actually, I’d like to spend more time with them." I said, leaving my cousin flabbergasted. I’m not sick of Hermione and the two boys, I just needed some time with extremely hot twins.

    They took me to the back room, where they’re supposed to store items.

    "Hey," they say in unison. Their deep voices are SUCH A TURN ON. "You’re cute."

    "You two are the cutest boys I’ve seen this winter. Salem, all girls. How depressing. Though the trio and I ran into a cute boy that used to go here."

    The twins looked surprised and asked who it was.

    "I can’t remember his name, but he’s older than you two. Y’know, tall and burly, used to play Quidditch?"

    "Oliver!" Fred bursts. "She likes Oliver!"

    "No, I just said he’s cute. And what’s there to like about Oliver when I can have my own two gingers?" The twins smile and hugs me.

    "You’re ours now," George whispers.

    THE END(:

    [sorry lea! I changed it a bit]

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    this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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  • indiepopsicle asked : *coughs* james I don't care if oliver kisses lea first it's a wedding just kiss her this isn't my idea stop chasing me


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  • indiepopsicle asked : *what if phelps I meant michael*

    EWGAWDNO. Michael Phelps reminds me of my ex so that’s a no.
    *pushes Michael into pool*

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  • indiepopsicle asked : *punches ur tiny bun nose*

    BOOP. (*_*)

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  • Anonymous asked : only my best friend would request something about Christmas in the middle of July -Tory (too lazy to log onto tumblr)



    After having an awful, terrible day of work. I come home and read this message and I’m instantly happy. This is why she’s my BFF.


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